SMS/MMS mass communication platform

Description of the project

Maintenance and development of the MultiInfo platform for SMS/MMS communication management, made available in the service model by Polkomtel S.A. to business customers, such as banks and forwarding companies.

We started our cooperation with Polkomtel S.A. focused on MultiInfo in 2007, designing and implementing the first version of the system. Since then, we have been continuously providing maintenance services and further development of the platform.

In its current version, the system operates in a geographically dispersed HA cluster based on the architecture prepared by Mobiltek as part of one of the modifications.

Within a month, the system processes about 33,000,000 messages, also related to payments, such as one-time passwords.

Scope of the works

  • Design and implementation of UI/UX in some development projects,
  • Development of frontend and backend systems,
  • Complete tests,
  • Production implementations


.NET Framework, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET WebForms, Bootstrap, MS SQL, nHibernate

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