Premium SMS

The Premium SMS service is a one-time payment made with the use of a mobile phone.

Payment consists in sending a text message to the indicated Premium SMS number. The user receives an SMS with a confirmation of the transaction, the amount of which is added by the mobile operator to the user's telephone bill (or is deducted from the balance in case of a pre-paid mobile).

Premium SMS is also used in chat rooms (e.g. social or esoteric). The user sends a paid message to a Premium SMS number and receives a free response.

The advantages of Premium SMS


A method of payment that has been used for many years in numerous locations

Ease of use

Every user of a mobile phone can send an SMS

Highest instantaneous availability

Including non-banked users, e.g. minors, without bank accounts or payment cards

Example of the use of Premium SMS

Payments for online games and social media.

Access to full versions of articles, documents, reports, databases, archives, infoservices, advice departments, etc.

Payments for adding and honoring bids in online auction and advertising services.

Social and esoteric chats.

Activation of different types of hosting services offered on websites.

Participation in polls and votes.

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