Premium IVR

Premium IVR services are based on Premium Rate voice numbers and allow to obtain revenues from Partner's services. These services are launched on a single Premium Rate number available from all fixed and mobile networks.

We offer our Partners the launch and maintenance of 2 types of Premium Rate numbers:

Pay Per Minute (so-called PPM). The user calling such a number (703 or 708) is charged for each minute of the call started.

Pay Per Call (so-called PPC). The user calling such a number (704) is charged a one-off fee for the entire call, regardless of the its duration.

Using this type of numbering can be an alternative to Premium SMS and can be used e.g. by people who want their payment for the ordered product or service to be added to their bill for a landline phone.

Advantages of Premium IVR


from all fixed and mobile networks

Full tariff range

all available tariffs at 704 billed per call and 703 and 708 billed per minute

Short start-up time

the Premium Rate is usually run for no more than 14 days

Example use of Premium Rate numbers

Number 708

micropayments on websites (e.g. access codes for games), social chats, esoteric services and horoscopes

Number 703

hotlines with timetables, flights, etc., financial information (e.g. stock exchange, exchange rates, taxes), tourist information.

Number 704

micropayments on websites (e.g. access codes for games, highlighting ads, improving social networking accounts), payment for accessible paid content (full versions of articles, reports, databases, archives, advice department, etc.), tele-competitions and quizzes (call TV), voting and polls.

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