Mobile SDK

Mobile libraries

Description of the project

Mobile SDKs are made available by DotPay to customers who want to handle the payment process in the mobile applications they distribute.

One of the main goals of the solution was to provide the end customer with an easy and convenient payment process adjusted to the appearance of the sales application.

It is a whitelabel solution which the customer can customize to his needs by e.g. attaching his own controls to the methods from the library or over-colouring the controls already available.

Libraries support payments by bank transfer and card and are fully integrated with the DotPay transaction system.

Scope of the works

  • Support at the stage of pre-implementation analysis,
  • Support at the UI/UX design stage,
  • Development,
  • Complete tests,
  • Documentation,
  • Maintenance service,
  • Development service


Android, iOS

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