mobile applications

Description of the project

The purpose of the application is to support the user in the organization of daily expenses. Thanks to the application, the user can record every expense and assign it to the appropriate category in order to know on what the money is spend and how much is spend.

The application is systematic - when adding expenses every day, the application will share its insights into financial habits and will tell the user what they can do to increase their financial security.

In addition to listing and sorting your expenses, the app also lets you add photos of your receipts to every expense - so everything that's most important can always be on hand. In addition, the application includes an information section, with a range of tips presented in a friendly way, which will help you take even better care of your finances.

Scope of the works

  • Design and preparation of UI/UX and graphics together with partner,
  • Mobile application development,
  • Complete tests,
  • Documentation
  • Warranty service,


.NET Framework, Android, iOS, Microsoft Xamarin, ASP .NET MVC

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